What Is Deep Cleaning?

While a regular dental teeth cleaning scrapes away plaque and tartar
from the surface of the tooth above the gum line, deep cleaning,
otherwise known as conventional periodontal therapy or nonsurgical
periodontal therapy, removes buildup from beneath
the gum line. Deep cleaning is a two-part process involving scaling
and planing your teeth to get rid of bacteria that has accumulated
over time.

The first part, scaling, eliminates unwanted bacteria, tartar, and other
debris from beneath the gum line, near the root. Root planing
smooths the surface of the root to help remove
plaque from areas where the tooth is rough. Your Cool Dental dentist may
need to use a local anesthetic to numb the area before beginning
the procedure.

Do I Need Deep Cleaning?

Your Cool Dental dentist or hygienist uses a probe, placing it between the tooth and gums to measure a periodontal pocket around each tooth. If the pocket measures 4 millimeters or more, then you may have periodontal disease. A periodontal pocket harbors bacteria and other substances that can cause inflammation and redness. Other warning signs of disease may be if you notice tender red swollen gums, bad breath or a sensitive tooth.

You may only need a quadrant cleaned or the whole mouth. See your Cool Dental dentist to have them examine your teeth. Getting to the problem early can prevent further dental problems and procedures.