What Is Sealant?

Dental sealant is a plastic coating that protects teeth from the
effects of tooth decay. A Cool Dental dentist applies a thin
coating of sealant like paint on the surfaces of the tooth that
come into contact with food. A regular routine of brushing
and flossing is effective in preventing tooth decay, but there
are some hard-to-reach places between and behind teeth that
increase the risk of cavities. The practice of sealing teeth offers
additional protection that prevents food from turning into decay
in those areas that are inconvenient to reach through brushing
and flossing. Molars are especially good candidates for sealant.

When Is Sealant Needed?

Children and adolescents are the best candidates for sealant application. Because younger people are less likely to brush efficiently enough to prevent all tooth decay, they are more likely to develop tooth decay in their molars and premolars, therefore, they benefit significantly from sealant.

Adults whose teeth are vulnerable to decay, such as those with fillings and existing decay, also benefit from the use of sealant as any uneven surface of the tooth can lead to food getting trapped and causing tooth decay