What Is Pediatric Sedation?

Pediatric Sedation is simply using medication to help a young patient
relax during a dental procedure. Sedation can refer to unconsciousness or to
being completely awake but more relaxed. The level of sedation
depends on the complexity of the procedure. Minimal sedation means
being awake but relaxed. Moderate sedation causes you to slur words when
speaking and not recall much of the procedure. Deep sedation means on
the edge of consciousness but can be awakened. Generalanesthesia causes
you to be

Does my Child need Pediatric Sedation?

Beyond the use of nitrous oxide/laughing gas, there are several other methods of sedation that can be used There are several different options that we have at our disposal depending on the age, temperament, medical history and amount of necessary treatment.   As each child is different and requires individualized care, we discuss all options with parents or caregivers prior to any decision being made.  Our doctors and the parents work together to decide which is the appropriate method.