What Are Retainers?

A retainer is the step after orthodontic braces that helps keep the
teeth aligned until the mouth fully adheres to the new structure. Subtle
shifts in the teeth would otherwise cause the mouth to misalign itself
again, eventually, ruining the hard work that you have already done with
your braces.

Retainers help you retain that perfect smile! Retainers may be
worn during a certain part of the day and taken out in other
parts of the day. The bottom line is that a retainer is separate
from your mouth rather than connected to it like braces.

When Do I Need Retainers?

You need a retainer after you have finished treatment with orthodontic braces. You may also use a retainer after you suffer a serious physical injury to the mouth that shifts the teeth. Retainers may also be necessary to avoid some natural shifting of the teeth during puberty or with people who are suffering some other physical trauma that causes massive weight gain or weight loss.